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The Pros and Cons of The Mini Keg

The main benefits of the mini keg are cost and portability. Most home brewers make about a 5 gallon batch and 4 mini kegs will do the trick. A typical mini keg setup will set you back about $50-65. Cost Breakdown Mini keg – $5-6 each. (Each mini keg holds about a 12 pack [144oz […]

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Homebrew Keg – Deciding Between The Sanke and Corny Keg

It doesn’t take long after you first learn how to make beer at home that you will want to put your liquid gold into a homebrew keg. Kegging your homebrew just makes life easy and allows you to enjoy your homebrew quicker than bottling. No longer will you have to clean and sanitize 50+ bottles […]

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Homebrew Keg – Where to Find the Best Keg Prices

Keg prices like most things in the market place fluctuate. While researching this topic, I noticed a few articles discussing how keg prices are going to increase. The reason mentioned is that the price of stainless steel is rising. In this article I hope to share some ideas on where you can go to find […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of The Homebrew Keg

  Those of us that have a passion for home brewing, eventually move from bottling beer to placing our beer in a homebrew keg. There is nothing wrong with conditioning your homebrew in bottles and many of us still do it, but honesty the homebrew keg just makes life easier.  Also, it gives the beer […]

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Homebrew Keg – All I Want For Christmas!

Dear Santa, I’ve been a really, really, really good boy this year… A homebrew keg on a Segway! Simply kick ass! Oops forget that last part… I’ll leave extra cookies for you.

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Homebrew Keg – The Mini Keg

Here is a a quick look at a mini keg I found on flickr.

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