Homebrew Keg – Where to Find the Best Keg Prices

Keg prices like most things in the market place fluctuate. While researching this topic, I noticed a few articles discussing how keg prices are going to increase. The reason mentioned is that the price of stainless steel is rising. In this article I hope to share some ideas on where you can go to find the cheapest keg prices.

Hit the Pavement

One of the best ways to find great keg prices is to ask around town. Visit your favorite pubs, talk to other home brewers and members of clubs. There are a lot of passionate brewers that are always looking to upgrade their equipment and they will need somewhere to unload their unused stuff. This is where you come in and offer them a few dollars and share some of your newly kegged and delicious beer with them as a thank you.


Believe it or not you may want to check with your local metal recycling centers for some used kegs. These centers may have some homebrew kegs and CO2 bottles stashed away. I’ve spoken with a few people who mentioned this as a great resource.

Ask the Question

Yahoo! Answers has a great number of results from people asking the question of where to find great keg prices locally. You will end up with a nice list of local places to purchase your equipment. If your city or town hasn’t been mentioned then ask and you will get a bunch of responses.

Online Classified Ads

I highly recommend checking in with services like Craigslist to keep an eye out for some great keg prices. A lot of these services will give you email updates on the day’s latest finds and deals. Craigslist even has an app that will keep you updated on the go.

Good’ol Search 

Keg Price

Keg Price

Finally a good old fashion search will usually produce a slew of results. Today I noticed that the overall average prices for used kegs are between $20-60 and new kegs range from $120-165. As of this writing, the current homebrew keg prices on amazon are $40-65 used and $120-130 new. On EBay $30-40 used and $130-150 new and finally on Craigslist used homebrew kegs are $25-50.

Over the course of time, I will be keeping an eye open for where you can get the best deals on keg prices and of course sharing those findings with you. If you have any ideas on where to find the best keg price then please share them below!


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