Advantages and Disadvantages of The Homebrew Keg

Homebrew Kegs

Homebrew Kegs


Those of us that have a passion for home brewing, eventually move from bottling beer to placing our beer in a homebrew keg. There is nothing wrong with conditioning your homebrew in bottles and many of us still do it, but honesty the homebrew keg just makes life easier.  Also, it gives the beer maker more control over a lot of variables. Gaining as much control is important when dealing with environments ideally suited for microorganisms. The homebrew keg isn’t a scary beast although to a first timer it does seem intimidating, but one of the goals of this site is to break down kegging your home brew into easily digestible chunks. Like everything you try for the first time, things get easier the more you do it and more familiar you are with the equipment and techniques. If you are considering kegging your beer, below is a list of some of the pros and cons.


  • A time saver—no more sanitizing, filling and capping 50 or so 12oz bottles.
  • No more guessing—you have total control over how much carbonation is in your beer. No longer will you have a few highly carbonated bottles and a few flat ones.
  • Drink your brew faster—you no longer have to wait for natural carbonation. You can still naturally condition your homebrew in a keg, but you will also have the option to force carbonate using CO2. In addition you will have greater flexibility on carbonating different style beers at varying levels.
  •  No more yeast sediment —when the yeast is finished doing its thing, it falls to the bottom of the bottles. If you are force carbonating you will not have this issue. Yippy clean beer!
  • Fun factor—having your own beer on tap ready to pour is great! Your social status will elevate to that of a Greek god. Well maybe not but gatherings will be more fun.
  • No more exploding bottles—It happens and is a real mess to deal with not to mention dangerous.


  • Cost—an investment of about $200.
  • Not as portable—it’s nice to take or ship bottled beer to friends and family, so I wouldn’t get rid of your bottling equipment!
  • How to keep it cold—unless you like to drink your homebrew at room temperature you will need to either buy a keg fridge or convert and old fridge.

Now this list of advantages and disadvantages is by no means an exhaustive list but it is one that addresses the most common topics across the Web. If you have found other pros and cons feel free to share those in the comment section below. I hope this list will help those who are considering to homebrew keg.

Homebrew Keg vs Bottling

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Homebrew Keg vs Bottling

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